You want it. Your car needs it. And we do it the best. Everybody loves driving a clean and healthy feeling/looking/smelling vehicle and we provide many options to achieve exactly that. Working within time constraints, a limited budget, or just need a quick refresher? Check out our Express Menu! Want the absolute highest quality service tailored to your specific needs? Start out with one of our Interior or Exterior Detailing services and let us build the perfect package for you. In short, no matter what your needs, we have you covered!

BMW Being Washed

Mini Detail

Express Detail:

Safe and professional car wash service using proper methods and the finest materials. This package includes:

  • Foam bath
  • Undercarriage rinse
  • Basic wheel decontamination
  • Hand-wash
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires conditioned
  • Courtesy vacuum
  • Windows cleaned
  • 1 month paint sealant

Working Time: 2-3 hours
Starting Price: S - $100   M - $125   L - $150   XL - $175


Express PLUS:

Take our Express Detail to the next level with this amazing value. This package includes:

  • Express Detail
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Interior air purge
  • Light cleaning of interior plastic/leather
  • Light carpet shampoo
  • 3 month paint sealant

Working Time: 3-4 Hours
Starting Price:  S - $175   M - $200   L - $225   XL - $250

Tan Leather Interior

Interior Detail*

Level 1: A perfect starting point if you want to fall back in love with your interior!

  • Vacuum and debris removal
  • Air purge
  • Plastic/leather deep clean and condition
  • Headliner gently cleaned
  • Fabric steam cleaned and extracted
  • Floor mats cleaned
  • Windows cleaned

Starting Price: S - $150   M - $180   L - $210   XL - $240


Level 2: All the perks of Level 1, but we take your interior detail a step above by removing and disassembling seats and applicable trim to achieve a more thorough result, before reinstalling everything to the original specifications. We leave no stone unturned!

Starting Price: S - $250   M - $300   L - $350   XL - $400

Exterior Detailing / Paint Correction

Freshly Detailed Red Car

Paint Correction is the removal of defects through sanding and polishing. When performed correctly, this process can yield incredible results, reviving your paint and often making it look better than new.  From simple polishing to defect removal and texture leveling, we have the skills to tackle it all. With our knowledge, experience, and utilizing only the finest materials and techniques, Pro Car Care is the name you can trust to deliver quality with consistency.

Before paint correction, each level of our Exterior services receives:

  • Foam bath
  • Undercarriage rinse
  • Deep wheel cleaning
  • Complete paint decontamination
  • Hand wash
  • Engine bay cleaned & conditioned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires conditioned
  • Windows cleaned
  • 6 month paint sealant


Level 1:
A single stage polish custom tailored to your vehicle’s paint to achieve maximum results. This service aims to remove or minimize light swirling and defects and achieve improved gloss and clarity.
Recommended for vehicles that have been previously well maintained but need some help to return to their former glory. Also great for new vehicles to remove defects accrued prior to purchase.
Included in the Enthusiast Detail!

Starting Price: S - $250   M - $300   L - $350   XL - $400


Level 2:
A dual stage polish consisting of a heavy cutting stage to remove deeper swirling and other defects, followed by a fine polishing stage to bring out the gloss and clarity.
This level of correction will typically remove all swirls and light - medium defects.
Recommended for vehicles that have not been properly maintained and now exhibit deep swirling and loss of clarity and gloss.

Starting Price: S - $500   M - $600   L - $700   XL - $800


Level 3:
Three stages of polishing to remove deeper defects and revive neglected paint.
Recommended for paint in poor condition that has endured years of improper maintenance and harsh conditions, or for particularly soft paint that requires additional attention to achieve desired clarity.

Starting Price: S - $800   M - $900   L - $1000   XL - $1100


Level 4:
One stage of light sanding to remove surface etching and slightly improve paint texture followed by three stages of polishing to further refine the paint.
For most vehicles this will achieve near-perfect paint with incredible gloss and clarity.
This service is recommended for vehicles that exhibit deep defects and etching due to water spotting, bird droppings, and other environmental fallout.

Starting Price: S - $1100   M - $1200   L - $1300   XL - $1400


Level 5:
Multiple stage sanding process to eliminate orange peel and other unwanted texture as well as deep defects from the paint surface, followed by three stages of polishing.
This process produces a mirror finish and unbelievable levels of gloss and clarity.
Recommended for show quality vehicles and those who have received poor aftermarket paint jobs.

Staring Price: Price varies, inquire for more information

*Vehicle may be subject to upcharge based on condition. Prices do not include Tax.

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