X-Kote is a two component (2K) clear coat that is similar in nature and chemistry to modern spray-on clear coat, but is hand-applied by our certified technicians. What makes this product special is its unique ability to self-level and bond chemically with paint, forming a smooth and permanent finish without having to heavily scuff or sand the existing surface. X-Kote permanently repairs scratches, scuffs, and fading while renewing the original luster at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional painting.

Starting at $899.99

  • 2K permanent clear coat
  • Repairs scratching and fading
  • Renews color and shine
  • High quality resins add depth and gloss
  • Fraction of the cost of traditional paint
  • Far more environmentally conscious than traditional paint
  • Quick curing time allows for immediate waxing or coating

Approx working time: 1-2 days