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  High quality window films are designed to add style, protection and comfort to your vehicle. Adding window film to your vehicle will not only keep it cooler and more comfortable, but will also reduce the strain on your air conditioning system. This in return, will help save fuel, saving you money. 

  Window tint will shield you from that distracting glare the sun causes and will allow your car to keep its value by protecting the interior from the harmful UV rays. Exposure from UV A and UV B not only fades and cracks the interior, but over-exposure can lead to skin cancer and other damaging effects. For the ultimate in solar performance and heat rejection, ceramic window film takes it to the next level!

  At Pro Car Care, we strive to offer the highest quality products and installation. We utilize the finest tools and materials and quality installation is always guaranteed.

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Tint FAQ

How long will my tint last?

With proper care, our window films are guaranteed for life against bubbling, discoloration and adhesive failure.

How do I care for my tint?

The best care starts with soft towels and a high quality glass cleaner WITHOUT ammonia. Proper care instructions will be provided after every install.

Can I replace old window tint?

Yes. In most cases, we can safely remove old or damaged window tint and replace it with our high quality film.


  From smoked headlights to chrome deletion and custom accents, we can help create a custom look to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. 

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